Vouchers | Major Trackbike Hire


Suprise your friend or your loved one with a Track Day experience.

A voucher is an ideal gift for anyone wanting to experience the thrill of taking our bike on a real racing circuit. Beginner track day riders often worry about their road bikes. A potential incident is not just horrible to witness, but can also cause a severe headache later, when you receive the bill in the garage after repair.

Not to mention those who can’t just put their bikes in a van or on a trailer to go to the track. As we all know, an adrenaline-filled track day can wear you out completely, so why would you risk a ride home after a track day?

It is also worth to prepare for the changing weather. Don’t give up on a track day just because the rain is starting to fall. We provide you with professional rain tyres for the bikes, to prevent you from cancelling an exciting day from your calendar.

The hire bike vouchers come in a gift pack and start from just £50. All vouchers are an amount in credit that can be used towards the cost of ANY trackdays event in the next 12 months.


Major Trackbike Hire offers a fantastic selection of motorcycle leather suits for hire which is available in a variety of sizes. In order to ensure availability please advise us of the sizes you require not less than a week before your hire. Package pricing for multiple item hire is available on request.