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Are You In For The Ultimate Speed Experience with Major Track Bike Hire? If you think being a biker is an old-fashioned thingy that goes away… If you think that speed, passion and persistence are not traits of a true biker… And if you don’t have the need for adrenaline to rush through your veins for you to feel alive…

Then DON’T COME to Major Track bike Hire! Because we at Major Track Bike Hire are here to give a full race team experience of the race track riding to those who want to let their demons loose, unleash your inner biker and conquer these tracks  – without having to risk your road bike’s life!

So, What Are You Waiting For? If You’ re Up To For The Challenge, Contact Us Today!

All bikes are prepared using the most reliable parts and accessories of the highest quality. A majority of our aftermarket performance parts have been used and endorsed by riders of the highest calibre, such as BSB competitors. For example Michelin, Pirelli or Dunlop race tyres, K-Tech suspension, Brembo brake systems, HM quickshifters and high quality race fairings. With these accessories we aim to make riding safer and more enjoyable for the customer. While a stock bike is completely safe, the racing track presents more challenging elements for both the bike and rider, so the extra parts make for safer riding.

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