About Us | Major Trackbike Hire

Are You In For The Ultimate Speed Experience?

Major Track Bike Hire was founded to help the ones passionate about track riding following their hobbies full of adrenaline in the most economical way on a high-quality and highly reliable motorbike.

Our team members are young middle-aged people, who are fond of track riding, and after a while we decided to appear not just on the track but around the paddock too, to help the newcomers, the advanced and more professional riders as well. We know how the first days on the track are, and we also know how much you can worry about the beloved motorbike during riding. Why would you risk your road bike, if you have the chance to hire a motorbike maintained constantly, to the highest standard?

Why is it worth to ride on a hire bike?

Beginner track day riders often worry about their road bikes. A potential incident is not just horrible to witness, but can also cause a severe headache later, when you receive the bill in the garage after repair.
Not to mention those who can’t just put their bikes in a van or on a trailer to go to the track. As we all know, an adrenaline-filled track day can wear you out completely, so why would you risk a ride home after a track day?
It is also worth to prepare for the changing weather. Don’t give up on a track day just because the rain is starting to fall. We provide you with professional rain tyres for the bikes, to prevent you from cancelling an exciting day from your calendar.

What we provide

– Motorbikes maintained constantly, to the highest standard.
– Bikes prepared specifically for track riding, including special racing tires, upgraded brakes and tuned suspension set.
– Safety check with the costumer before every track days.
– Setting the ideal tyre pressure and fitting tyre warmers after each sessions.
– Race spec wet tyres in case of raining.
– Fuel for the whole day.
– No hidden costs, or extra charges for tyre wear at the end of the day.


How to use the service, and the agenda for a usual day

Choose and book a bike on our website. When paying, you will also have the chance to hire an action camera or leather suit.
On the morning of the track day we will be waiting for you at the pre-arranged garage with your bike you will ride that day. We start every day with a safety check to make you sure that the bike is up to the task. We set the tyre pressure for you then fit the tyre warmers.



A hire bike costs £245-£275 per day. This cost includes the delivery of the bike to the track, the staff, the tyre warmers and paddock stands,  fuel for the whole day, and the maintenance of the bike throughout the day. This charge does not include the booking fee of the track, the helmet, the leather suit, the boots and the gloves.



There is no deposit required. In case of a crash, the damage is assessed with the rider than the cost of the damages (maximum amount of £500 ) is taken from your credit card you made the booking with.